About Basic Habitat

Dani WalesDani Wales rose to fame in the interior design industry after earning her title as one half of the “Power Couple” on The Block in 2012, and again on The Block All Stars in 2013 with her partner Dan Reilly. Appearing on the hugely successful renovation program, “was the biggest turning point in our lives… it affirmed what we wanted”.

Dani used her celebrity profile from The Block to launch into a dual career as interior stylist and online journalist and has since become the founder and editor of and Basic Habitat. Originally from Townsville, after four years in the finance industry Dani had discovered her passion for interior design and real estate, and realised, “this is what I’m supposed to be doing”.

After The Block All-Stars finished filming, Dani and Dan decided to take some time off and bought a home in Seddon to renovate for themselves, on their own terms. Dani is also a co-host on Ten’s newest home and lifestyle series Healthy Homes TV Australia.

Thanks to her success on The Block people often contacted Dani asking her for interior styling advice, so she decided, “to give this blogging caper a bit of a go”. Dani says that you can’t beat, “the ease and accessibility of online media. It’s always changing, everyday… there’s a world of resources at your fingertips”.

Her latest venture, Basic Habitat, is in recognition of what she’d seen customers buy and respond to on her previous blog. “People were buying marble pieces and copper pieces, basic items that were trans-seasonal”. Wales says that she’s noticed customers are increasingly interested in buying simple, statement pieces that are enduring and well-crafted.

Dani’s passion for minimal design with Scandinavian and Japanese influences sees many international producers on our product list, as they best represent the idea of quality and elegance over fad. Dani’s delighted to showcase this array of products that she loves, and says “you won’t find anything available in the shop that we wouldn’t happily display in our own homes”.

Dani loves beagles, architecture, coffee and RnB phat Fridays.

Meet Our Team

Taylor Broomhall 2

Taylor Broomhall

Before moving to Melbourne, Taylor worked as a stylist and dressmaker in the bridal industry, having studied fashion design in Tasmania. Taylor’s passion for homewares and interior styling grew and she moved to the mainland to pursue her interest in the industry. Taylor works closely with Dani selecting products for the Basic Habitat shop that reflect our unique aesthetic. Taylor is also Basic Habitat’s social media manager, curating our multiple accounts to create inspiring content for our readers. In her current work she finds inspiration in the connection and intermingling of trends within the fashion and interior industries, which often overlap in exciting and innovative ways.

Taylor loves coffee, design, sunshine and dancing until the sun comes up.


Kate Cole

Showcasing small businesses and entrepreneurs is the focus of Kate’s work across all the publications that she writes for, including Basic Habitat, Women’s Health and Fitness and CargoART Magazine. Her extensive experience in writing and editing for online and print media has built her an impressive portfolio of work across the fine art and lifestyle sectors, and sees her meeting inspiring professionals from a range of backgrounds. Kate’s greatest inspiration is in the field of sustainable design, and she loves hands-on construction projects where she can get her hands dirty.

Kate loves cooking, picnics, arguing and having big hair.

Lisa De Petro

Lisa De Petro

Utilising her wealth of experience in the television and real estate industries, Lisa has a sophisticated and multi-faceted perspective on the way architecture and interior design relate to property values and tourism opportunities. Having worked for four years on Channel Nine’s Postcards series, Lisa knows all of Victoria’s tourism hotspots and cultural events. Lisa also writes for the Tourism Victoria website, filling them in on all the undiscovered gems that the state offers. Lisa has recently established her own real estate copy writing business, which showcases her savvy, professional understanding of the residential market.

Lisa loves British Bulldogs, dining out with her husband and socialising all weekend.

Karen Spiteri

Karen Spiteri

New Mum Karen has brought her interior design training to a huge array of residential styling projects over the past ten years in the industry, since graduating from Swinburne University in 2004 with honours in interior design. Dividing her time between working solo as Kaiko Interiors or alongside her husband Wayne, a building industry expert, Karen has teamed up with many of Melbourne’s leading builders. Karen now runs her own freelance interior design and styling business and imparts her love of natural, tactile finishes such as timbers, concrete, natural stones and greenery, creating a signature style on all her projects.

Karen loves Interiors, park time with her son, summer nights and good tunes.